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The NHA believes that to reach an optimum level of health, physical activity must be kept in balance with other health-promoting factors, particularly rest and sleep.
Healing and body repair occur mostly during sleep. The anabolic hormones, the hormones that promote repair of muscle tissue and other tissue, are released during sleep.If you are not sleeping properly, you can’t initiate that healing process. The proper amount of sleep varies with your state of health, your level of stress, and your degree of fitness.

Health is not dependent upon or the result of following a hygienic, well-balanced diet only, many other factors must be considered and practiced. In today's world almost everyone is consumed with being a success in life at the expense of health. Many do achieve their objective as far as position and wealth are concerned. Just about the time that these successful individuals are ready to enjoy the results of their many years of struggle, they are either too old or too broken in health to do so. Why should we go about it in this way when life was meant to be a joy every day of our existence?

Most people do not know how to budget their day so as to allow some time for pleasure and relaxation. A healthy life is a complete one and every phase of life is important and dependent upon the other. One must live a well-rounded and balanced life in order to enjoy its full benefits. Learn to relax and enjoy all that you do.   When we grumble and gripe about the unpleasant things in our life, they magnify and become worse; but, if we seek pleasure in our efforts, they become less bitter and the burden is not as great as we thought. Disharmony within builds disease,  learn to relax, enjoy the things you must do, or better yet, do the things you want to do and truly live.

The following herbal supplements have been shown to assist in helping the body achieve good rest and relaxation.
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Herbal Sleep                                                    Melatonin

Kava Kava                                                         Valerian Root Extract
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