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Alkalizing Your Way to Healthy Skin
The Little Known Secret of Restoring Skin Integrity

Just as alkaline foods are healing to the body, topical alkalizing sprays help soothe the acidity of disturbed skin.  Healthy skin has a pH of 7.8 which is slightly alkaline.  Skin disturbances, whether from acne, injury, inflammation, disease or insect sting, cause the cells to break, making the flesh acidic and cosmetically challenged.

Many drugs, treatments, cosmetics, and even stress add to that acidity thus delaying or undermining the cell regeneration necessary for healthy skin.  Ironically, the stress of being worried about the skin condition, feeling sidelined from life, having essential activities restricted can contribute further to the acidity of skin, especially in the compromised areas, acerbating the original skin problem.  Additionally, our modern environment and typical American foods are basically acidic and negatively impact skin health as well as general health.

Acidity and Alkalinity are calculated on a scale of 1 to 14.  Acidity is registered in the 1 - 6 range.  Seven is neutral, and 8 - 14 indicates degrees of alkalinity.  Reducing the acidity in diet and environment greatly benefits overall health.  Likewise, application of a highly alkaline solution with a pH greater than 8.0 helps reverse the acidity of compromised skin accelerating restoration of healthy cells and enhancing appearance.
Miracle Mist Plus has an unparalleled alkaline pH ranging from 8.8 to 9.3.  The gentle spray quickly neutralizes and soothes the acid environment created when cells are disturbed or broken.  The one-step spray application eliminates the need to touch delicate skin which could cause further irritation or contamination.  Miracle Mist Plus neutralizes acidity and replenishes the skin with essential minerals like calcium and magnesium that are so necessary to restoring healthy intact skin.

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